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PROM! way to sparkle without breaking the bank - visit Sears brand new Italian line of simulated diamonds Vedere Le Stelle

PROM! way to sparkle without breaking the bank - visit Sears brand new Italian line of simulated diamonds Vedere Le Stelle



David Tutera Bridal Jewelry Collection at Sears

David Tutera Bridal Jewelry Collection at Sears

With This Ring: Choosing Your Wedding Bands by David Tutera
By David Tutera

Your wedding bands are probably the single most personal components of your big day. These magnificent, symbolic pieces of jewelry are what you will physically take away with you after your wedding day—and they will be a constant, loving reminder of the vows you made to each other. With wedding bands, there are no rules! They can be a matching set or two distinctly different his-and-her bands that suit your individual styles and personalities.

Say, for example, you’re one of my radiant brides who just can’t get enough bling, but your future husband likes to steer clear of anything too flashy. Go ahead and have your sparkling band, studded with pavé diamonds, and let him have his unadorned, sleek silver band. If you love the idea of coordinating your jewelry, choose a bridal set (matching engagement ring and band). I’ve actually created beautiful bridal sets for Sears—and you can be sure that I put a lot of effort into designing rings that are gorgeous yet affordable!

A fabulous thing you can do with your bands to make them unique and very intimate is to add a special engraving (be it a monogram or words that are meaningful to you both) or gemstones (perhaps your birthstones) to the inside of the band—something that only the two of you know is there. It’s this idea of having a keepsake for your eyes only that inspired me to adorn the inside of each of my rings for Sears with your something blue—a single sapphire.

When you exchange rings, this will be your moment to give each other a precious symbol of your union—for as long as you both shall live.

From David, With Love

Heros at Home

At Sears, we not only respect and appreciate all that our military members do for our country, we look to improve the lives of these military families in need by making necessary home repairs, improvements or modifications so they can remain comfortably in their homes. You can help deserving military families by making a cash donation to Rebuilding Together in Sears stores or online at


Affordable Luxury - Zeghani by Simon

Affordable Luxury - Zeghani by Simon

Luxury Brand Jewelry Launch @ Sears

Sears and designer Zaven Ghanimian announced plans to bring the renowned Zeghani Collection to Sears shoppers. Zeghani incorporates the opulence of large-carat-weight genuine gemstones crafted in ornate settings made of sterling silver. The designer has maintained a strong commitment to keeping his jewelry affordable—without sacrificing quality. Each piece is handmade, undergoing extensive quality control to ensure that the jewelry can be passed down as a family heirloom. Beginning today, the collection will be available for purchase at Sears stores nationwide as well as online at